I will take the long overdue action and offer the strong and positive leadership and creative vision to restore the American dream:    


To allow us all to have the opportunity to responsibly live our lives free to pursue our personal dreams and happiness.  This is what American stands for and is sacred to me.


To ignite economic growth and help lift our middle class and those aspiring to be there:      

  • Enough of exporting American Jobs
  •  Enough of no economic growth                      
  • Enough  unnecessary hardships for so many Americans


To control our borders against the overwhelming illegal immigration that saps our limited resources (so desperately needed by our citizens) and steals jobs from our citizens and work opportunities from our small businesses. Amnesty is not an option: we tried that and it failed and has just encouraged greater illegal immigration.


To rebuild our national defense against the threats that continue to grow against us.    


To support quality education and responsible medical care for all Americans.