America, the Land of Opportunity:   I am a successful example of that reality as I came from a very modest background and became a successful businessman at Michael Kors Fashion House.   Today, I am concerned that Opportunity will not be there for my grandchildren and you and your family.  As your Senator, I will fight to get America working again and Opportunity to be a reality again. I have the proven experience to get the job done. I am the only candidate with the major league credibility that is needed to defeat Senator Blumenthal.  

I was raised in the small town of Alpha, New Jersey in a coldwater row house. With a much-needed State scholarship, student loans and never ending part-time jobs, I graduated from Rutgers University. 

I landed a job in pharmaceutical sales and attended night school and earned my Master’s Degree in Finance. I then spent several years in commercial real estate in New York City.

In 1981, I met a then unknown 19 years old fashion designer named Michael Kors, and we founded the company, Michael Kors, in a very high-risk fashion industry. I was the CEO/business partner handling all of the business efforts for over 20 years: operations, finance, sales/marketing, manufacturing, and relationships with both domestic and international customers and partners.  Together, Michael and I built Michael Kors into a renowned international brand.

In 2004, I ran as the Republican nominee for United States Senate against a career liberal politician, Christopher Dodd. I worked hard to until the very last vote was counted, and because of my efforts, party leaders asked me to run for State Comptroller in 2010. This year, I believe, the political landscape is different. I’m in it to win it.

As a lifelong Republican problem solver with international executive experience, I have also served as Chair of the Darien Republican Town Committee, as well as in Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia’s office, collecting a total paycheck of 33 cents. The experience was an honor, which I continue to cherish, but nothing makes me happier and more proud than my role as a father. I’m blessed to have a wonderful son, who graduated from Princeton University, his terrific wife, and their young son and daughter, my grandchildren.