Max Turgeon's Opinion

In my opinion Jack Orchulli is the best candidate to represent our party. He has business experience I think the Senate needs more of. He understands what it takes to take on a big time establishment democratic, as he ran against Dodd in 2004. He has some great economic ideas that will help our country and has a sound understanding of our foreign policy troubles. Jack is also a very personable guy. I met him only twice and he embraced myself and the CT High School Republicans greatly.

I have to say I have been very impressed by Dan Carter as well. He understands the issues and has served our country proudly in the Air Force. He’s a good man, but Jack Orchulli has run a statewide race twice, and has more name recognition in my opinion. Jack also has the experience in building Michael Kors that rivals no one. I also think Jack understands how to use social media the best. That will be huge during this campaign.

Please consider supporting Jack Orchulli for the nomination.
— Max Turgeon - Chairman Connecticut High School Republicans