Orchulli leaps into Connecticut's GOP Senate primary: Republican Jack Orchulli, the former Michael Kors chief executive who challenged Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) back in 2004, will announce another run in Bridgeport, Conn., this morning, this time challenging Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal. He'll face August Wolf, a businessman whose campaign has gone through upheaval after upheaval, and state Rep. Dan Carter in the GOP primary. "Mr. Wolf, I really have nothing positive to say," Orchulli said when asked about his primary opponents in an interview. He plans to contribute some "seed money" to get his campaign off the ground.

- With $4.6 million in cash on hand, Blumenthal is heavily favored in the deep-blue state - but Orchulli believes Donald Trump's potential presence on the ticket could help win "Connecticut may be liberal, but I'm convinced that Donald Trump will do well in Connecticut," Orchulli said, suggesting Trump could drive turnout. He said he'd vote for Trump if he's the nominee. "He's said some things I disagree with, but overall, why not?" he said.